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OER Commons Use and Reuse Stories

Spread the word about your challenges to find, use, and re-use content. Where are the gaps? Is it access to materials, or training for remixing content? What about licensing, language, standards, quality, or tools? What are students looking to do? What’s successful?

Tell your story

Share your personal thoughts on challenges around educational content. Use this space to tell a story about a problem or difficulty that you or someone you know recently faced in finding or using educational content. Or, perhaps you have had success in overcoming a challenge using or reusing OER.

Be sure to give your story a title as well as tags you would associate with your story (one tag per line).

Upon submission, your story will be licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 and appear after passing an approval queue.

Send your story to info@oercommons.org

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